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You, your life, and your relationships are important and are meant to be joyful and fulfilling. And your path to joy and fulfillment includes frustrating and occasionally discouraging challenges. And prolonged challenges can lead to anxiety, depression, loveless relationships, and even thoughts of divorce or suicide. Sometimes, it can be difficult to trust that life is really meant to be fulfilling and purposeful and to hope for better days ahead. Occasionally, we get mired in self-doubt. Happiness can seem painfully elusive.

If you are reading this, then you must have some hope that you, your relationships, and your happiness are important.  I assure you that you are and that all of your experiences are meant to help you grow in love, wisdom, power, and joy.  Like physical excercise that causes sweat, soreness and fatigue in the developing of strong, lean muscles, your day-to-day experiences give you opportunities to strengthen your ability to love life, yourself, and the people around you.  My experience as a psychotherapist, husband, father, and grandfather assures me that life works, that it is a path of increasing joy, love and power, and your life is no exception.

The majority of my clients make significant, positve changes and fulfill their therapeutic goals within four to ten sessions.  My therapeutic approach is to explore and clarify feelings, thoughts, values and goals and to provide support and practical guidance in resolving and benefitting from life challenges.

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My office is at Willow Creek Counseling & Psychotherapy Associates, on the southwest corner of Highland Drive (2000 East) and Creek Road in Sandy, Utah.  (To see a map, click on the tab "Map & Directions").

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